Aplynk integration platform
​State of the art integrations for every business

Process driven

Analyze your business process and how you use multiple systems, understand the characteristics of each application's database and application's features. This will help to understand which application should be the master and which API we can use to perform required actions. 

Step by Step 

Aplynk transforms your workflow into a state machine where each state is a step in your workflow. States can pass data to other states and microservices, handle exceptions, add timeouts, make decisions, execute multiple paths in parallel, and more. 


Aplynk does rigorous testing of the sync flow before deploying the integration(s). Involvement of your current software partners might be required during this time to make configuration changes to your applications when required.

Cloud & On-premise

Aplynk can integrate both cloud to cloud, cloud to on-premise and on-premise to on-premise applications. Aplynk itself runs in the cloud.

History of each execution 

Aplynk delivers real-time diagnostics and dashboards and logs every execution, including overall state, failed steps, inputs, and outputs. If things go wrong, you can quickly identify not only where, but why, and quickly troubleshoot and remediate failures.

Component reuse

Aplynk can coordinate your existing functions and microservices. The tasks in your sync workflow can run anywhere, including on instances, containers, functions, and mobile devices.

Built-in error handling 

Aplynk automatically handles errors and exceptions with built-in try/catch and retry, whether the task takes seconds or months to complete. You can automatically retry failed or timed-out tasks, respond differently to different types of errors, and recover gracefully by falling back to designated cleanup and recovery code. 

Visual monitoring 

Launching a sync workflow is as simple as pressing a button, then watching the steps execute visually, so you can quickly verify that everything is operating in order – and as expected. The console clearly highlights errors, so you can quickly pinpoint their root-cause, and troubleshoot issues.

High Availability

Aplynk has built-in fault tolerance and maintains service capacity across multiple data centers to protect sync workflows against individual machine or data center failures. This helps ensure high availability for both the service itself and for the application workflow it operates.

HIPAA compliance

Aplynk is a HIPAA eligible service, and can be used with applications containing healthcare-related information such as personal health information (PHI). Aplynk is also compliant with SOC (System & Organization Control) measure.


We adhere to the highest security standards provided by top tech companies like Amazon.